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Altador Cup Sender Pro

Uploaded by Infamous Joe - 06-13-2013
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Altador Cup Sender Pro
SINCE: 6/14/2013

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Requires .NET Framework 4.6 from Microsoft

HOW TO USE (thanks to Neal Caffrey) :

For those of you who are familiar with score sending, I bring you a more advanced version of botting for the Altador Cup. This program is made to handle multiple accounts running score senders at once. You may set a time for it to start, stop, repeat and how many games to play per account. This program is capable of sending for Yooyuball, Make Some Noise, Slushie Slinger, and Shootout Showdown. The scheduler window brings you a simple layout for anyone new to botting.

This program is built upon from Stealth CORE. If you are unsure how to use it, click here for a guide.

Any member unsure on how to use this still, it's simple:

1) Login to your account(s)
2) Click the scheduler under Controls -> Choose a game -> Select an account -> Create Schedule
3) Start Program under Controls

Simple, right?
Score Sending Features:

-) Run multiple accounts at the same time
-) Randomized goals, scores, times for maximum safety!!
-) Optimized for human-like play
-) Set maximum games per account to send
-) For 2014 - ADDED SECURITY

Stealth CORE Features included in this program:

-) clraik Authorization (VIP subscription)
-) Controls to Start/Stop Program
-) Neopets Login Manager
#) Cookie Login Tab - (Login using your existing login in FireFox/Chrome)
#) Single Account Login Tab
#) Each unique login saves a record of the accounts cookies in the "Data" folder so next
time you login the program does not have to enter your password unless the session expired
-) Optional proxy support for all account login methods
-) Custom user-agent support for your accounts
-) CORE Scheduler to schedule tasks to be run on your account(s)
#) Task selection (What to run on your account)
#) Account selection
#) Start time settings
#) Optional stop schedule settings
#) Optional repeat schedule every hour(s)/minute(s)/second(s)
#) Log of all scheduled tasks waiting to be run, running, or completed
-) Informative tooltips for all program settings and features
-) Stealth CORE Log of all activity for every account
#) Remove all entries for the selected username
-) Able to automatically load a list of premade schedules so you can quickly start botting
#) Check the "Data" folder for a premade list
#) Start and End Time can be set to "*" to start task at the current time immediately
#) You can add to the current time value (ie. *+2:2:2 adds 2 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds)
-) Remove a scheduled task in the database any time you wish
-) New day support - AM schedules will not be run if it is currently PM until new day
-) Shootout Showdown scoring system - will send only randomized legitimate ShSd scores


v2.0.3 (6/19/2022) Update Log:
-) Updated for AC XVII

v2.0.1c (6/9/2021) Update Log:
-) Supports HTML5 versions of YYB, MSN, SLSL, SOSD
-) Fixed login issue for passwords containing special characters
-) Fixed login verification issues
-) Interface improvements
-) Updated player + goalie logic

v1.9.9k (6/18/2020) Update Log:
-) Updated to work for this year
-) Auto-joins team clraik if you are on our team and you are not clraik/lifetime VIP
-) Fixed Firefox cookie login
-) Minor changes to accommodate StackPath

-) Fixed beta theme issues when trying to login, again
-) Cookie login for Chrome works again
-) Fixed scheduler crashing for some users
-) Fixed stats not being grabbed for some users
-) Updated player + goalie logic

V1.9.95 (6/20/2019)
-) Updated Proxy functionality (only works for multi-account login)
-) Fixed "error 8" issue some users were getting
-) Fixed "All Games" option in Scheduler, should work now
-) Minor updates/optimizations

V1.9.94 (6/5/2019)
-) Updated to work yet again
-) Minor optimizations & fixes
-) Sends scores for Yooyuball & Shootout Showdown, not MSN or Slushie Slinger

V1.9.9 (6/12/2018)
-) Updated to work again
-) Minor optimizations
-) Anti-bully measures

V1.9.7 (6/4/2018)
-) Bot is updated for this year, mostly addressing safety
-) Minor background optimizations

V1.9.5 (6/11/2017)
-) Play all games option added, will play selected games one after the other (randomized)
-) Side game scores, all delays and maximum play settings are now saved
-) Optimizations and minor bug fixes/improvements

V1.9.0 Update (6/4/2017)
-) Bot is back online

V1.8.8 Update (6/2/2017)
-) Fixed crash that happens when bot finishes sending
-) Adjusted YYB settings
-) Minor optimizations

V1.8.7 Update (6/1/2017)
-) Added cookie login support
-) Updated for this year, mostly addressing safety
-) Optimized a bunch of stuff in the background

V1.8.4 Update (6/5/2016)
-) Adjusted default scores/times again
-) Program will let you know if you are missing any files/folders now instead of just crashing
-) Few minor fixes

V1.8.2 Update (6/4/2016)
-) Added even better better handling of Neopets server lag
-) Added scheduler button to create schedule for all accounts logged in to Login Manager
-) Adjusted default game data values for all games
-) Many minor fixes and optimizations

V1.7.6 Update (6/1/2016)
-) Added better handling of Neopets server lag
-) Added "Clear All" button for log
-) Added better error reporting in case it happens
-) Start/Stop will now actually stop the YYB/AC side games bots from running
-) Minor bug fixes and optimizations
-) Updated this years default max plays

Errors & Solutions

- Extract ZIP file into a folder and run as Admin if you get any "could not find/locate file" errors or if it crashes when trying to load your account.

- Never, ever, ever run the bot and browse on your account at the same time. Only one session will remain valid (cookies will expire and you'll get logged out).

Please post all discussions for this program here!