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Stealth Buyer Pro

Uploaded by Infamous Joe - 12-21-2011
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Stealth Buyer Pro - by Infamous Joe

LAST UPDATED: 01/11/2021
SINCE: 12/29/2009

It's finally here and it's here for everyone to use! Ever wanted a safe auto-buyer to use but always feared the ones available because of the high risk of being banned? Never have time for restocking but you want to become rich quickly on Neopets? With my new auto-buyer this can definitely happen, with an absolute no chance of being frozen. Stealth Buyer Pro is THE most popular, searched, and used auto-buyer in the Neopets cheating scene.


Important notes:

- The first account on your account list will be the main account to buy the items, followed by your refreshing accounts. If you have no refreshing accounts, use the single account section but you will get restock banned faster..

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Running Multiple Instances of Stealth Buyer Pro via Proxifier (with Proxy!)

-) clRAIK Authorization (Official clRAIK rank required)
-) Advanced Neopets Login (secure)
-) Proxy support for both single and multiple login
* For multiple login, format is:

No proxy:
-) Search account support, up to 100 accounts
-) Save login for Single Account function
-) Auto-load search account list using Accounts.txt
-) AutoBuying log, save is optional as well
-) List support
-) After hours of labour, it now has a very accurate captcha solver
-) Many different intelligent wait functions:
* Wait between X and X seconds if shop has no stock
* Wait between X and X seconds if shop stocked
* Pause program between X to X minutes after running between X to X minutes
* Delay before purchase between X and X seconds
* Pause program for X seconds after successful buy
-) Legitimate actions before going to shop and after successful purchase:
* Go back to shop after purchase?
* Pause for X seconds after purchase
* Visit NeoBoards after purchase (you choose link)
-) Stop program after X amount of buys?
-) Choose what to do with the item after purchase
* Send to shop
* Send to SDB
* Send to gallery
* Send to other user (Storage account? Main?)
-) Restock ban detection, switches to next search account upon ban
-) Captcha check window - how program deals with the haggle image (not important for you)
-) Shows list of items currently in stock at shop
-) Smart haggle function
-) Records buy times as well as fastest buy time overall
-) Records total items purchased and total items failed
-) Minimize to tray
-) Alert upon buy (sound + notification)
-) Shows how many refreshes have been done
-) Optional stop after X amount of refreshes
-) Optional screenshot upon buy
-) Now optional for smart haggle
-) Shows when last restock took place
-) More accurate when missing item now
-) Shows which account is active for refreshing (0 = main account)
-) Option pause if shop has over X amount of items for X minutes
-) Shows how many refresh accounts have been successfully logged
-) AutoBuying List Generator which supports:
* Minimum price, Rarity is under X, choose file name, save list automatically after generating, and also auto-load list after generating.
-) Optional "Switch Shops" method (must have ShopID tag as first item in list or the shop ID will be blank!):
-) Auto-Shop ID recognition, just put "shopidhere" as the first thing in your list, followed by the items in your buy list.
* Switch after between X and X has passed
* Switch if over X items stocked in current shop
* Switch after X refreshes
-) Withdraw X NP from bank if NP on hand is under X amount
-) Auto-Load Igloo List upon opening, make sure Igloo list is name "IglooList.txt"
-) Saves user settings automatically
-) Auto-Pricer which will act:
* Every X items purchased
* Every X refreshes
* When program is on pause
-) Auto-Pricer will search wizard X times before making final price per item
-) Auto-Pricer will reduce final price by X% or subtract X from final price
-) Added REAL buy time next to fake buy time in brackets of all purchases made by the ABer.
-) Deposit 70 items in inventory upon starting for the buy account
-) Support for premium members with "Space Discount Card" when buying
-) Optional New RS ban system implemented - Switch refresh account/stop main buy account every X refreshes

To-Do List:
- Automatically stock in trades with user-defined message (will be done for next update!!!)
- Withdraw NP from Til when *this happens*
- More auto-pricer features
- ?????




Please post buy time speeds. My fastest is 850ms.



Fix VB6 Runtime Errors

- Also make sure you move the files in the .zip you download into a new folder (extracted)