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Thread: [ Guide ] making a .gif in photoshop.

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    [ Guide ] making a .gif in photoshop.

    A guide by Cody. DO NOT RIP!

    Hey guys, this is my guide to making .gif's in photoshop. For this tutorial, I will be using photoshop CS5, but any version of photoshop should work.
    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me. I will probably have an answer.

    This is what we will be making today. (:

    Step One - You need to find a click on youtube that you want to use, a small 5-10 second time frame. I used this.

    Step Two - Now that you have found one that you want to use, download it in a .mp4 format and save it to somewhere were you will be able to find it again in a few minutes.
    I personally use to do this. And I recommend using the highest setting when downloading these videos because you are bound to lose some quality in the actual gif making process.
    See below.

    Step Three - It's downloaded now, awesome. Now we get to make the gif! Open photoshop and let it load completely. Click on File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.

    Step Four - Find the file that you saved to your computer and double click it. That will open the Import video to layers pop up.
    Click 'Selected Range Only' and find the area of the clip that you want to use.
    In my case, it started at :13. I know this because I already watched the clip.
    Now click and hold the right area on your pop up until you find the beginning of your wanted frames.

    Step Five - Hold the shift key and click the right arrow again. Make sure you are holding the shift key the entire time.
    Once you have selected everything that you want to make into the gif, release the shift key.
    Now click the box beside the text that says "Limit to every ____ frames". Here you get to be a little crazy.
    The lower the number, the less choppy the gif will be .. however, it will have more frames which means a larger file.
    If you are uploading to sites such as Tumblr, they have a maximum of 500k file size.
    For these, I recommend using 3 as the blank in that sentence.

    If you are following my example, your screen should look something like this right now.

    Step Six - Now you will need to open up your animation window. Don't worry, it isn't nearly as scary as it seems.
    Make sure you see each layer in a difference box, and not as a bunch of horizontal lines.
    This is what I see (look below). Easy right? Make sure your loop is set to forever and it will make the gif not stop after one loop.
    As for times, I generally make them at 0.1 seconds. That is a good time for a gif.
    To change all the frames all at once, click on the first one, hold shift and click on your last frame.
    Click on the area where you see 0.03 sec. and select 0.1 sec. This should have changed them all.

    Step Seven - If you haven't already, you are able to hit the play button on the animation panel and see what if will look like.
    Pretty sweet, right? But Cody, it's so slow. Im going to make it faster. NO! It will not save this slow. I promise.

    Now that that is off my chest, it's time to save this. If you click on File > Save for Web & Devices a new pop up will appear.
    Or you can have it appear from a shortcut. Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S.

    1. Make sure this is in GIF format. If not, you won't get a gif.
    2. This is your image size, if you want it smaller, change it here.
    3. Make sure that this is set to forever. Now hit the play button.
    See how it is faster than before. (;
    4. This is your file size. See how big it is.

    Step Eight - Click on the Save button and save it to where ever you will be able to find it.
    Done. Upload it to a viable host and voila. You have your very first gif.

    1. If by chance you are making these to upload to tumblr, a good way to lower the resolution of the gif to ~500k is to lower the size of the gif.
    or change the color option to 128 or lower. You should notice a decrease in quality. Nothing you can do about that.
    2. Another good way to lower a file size is to remove a few frames. If you used 3 frames when we were prompt to limit to every __ layer,
    just remove 1 every 3 frames. This may make a sudden jump, but it allows you to upload to tumblr.
    3. If you wanted to add colours to this, do it above every frame on the gif on the first frame, that should affect all of the layers/frames.
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    Harry Potter
    Very nice guide (: I always wanted to make cool harry potter gifs....or just some awesome gifs of myself (;

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