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Thread: [GUIDE] How to Make Your Own Autobuyer List

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    [GUIDE] How to Make Your Own Autobuyer List

    So I have looked through all of the guides here and was surprised that I could not find one on this topic. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to make your own list for Infamous Joe's Stealth Buyer Pro.
    It can often be frustrating when you use a list that someone else on the forum created, and you end up ABing items that are less profitable than you would like. Oftentimes, a second-hand list may have spaces in it, or the items are not capitalized properly (these kinds of things will prevent the program from purchasing the item). The best way to ensure that you are using a good list is to make it yourself!
    This guide will show you how to make your own list that you can customize to your liking. All you will need is an internet connection, Notepad, and a little bit of patience.

    Step #1 - Choose a Shop

    Choose the shop you wish to make a list for. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using shop #2 (Magic) as an example.
    This means that our primary target items will be - you guessed it - Morphing Potions.

    Step #2 - Find an Item Database

    For this guide I will use as it seems to be the gold standard of item databases. It is consistently up to date with new items and I prefer its search features. You can, however, use other item databases of your choosing to find your items.

    Step #3 - Narrow Down Your Options

    After you have gone to and have clicked on "Item Database," you will see to the left a box where you can enter search criteria. Click on the link that says "Advanced Search."
    Because we will be focusing on morphing potions, I will enter the phrase "morphing potion" in the box labeled "Item Name" (leave the part that says "partial" alone).

    Next, choose how you would like to prioritize your items.
    (note: with Stealth Buyer Pro, you must organize your list so that the items you want the most are listed first - in other words, list them from highest profit to lowest profit)

    We can either choose to list our items by rarity or by price. For JellyNeo, I suggest using rarity. This is because many items on JellyNeo do not have a listed price, so you may be missing out on some items if you use the price to organize them.
    You also want to choose "descending" next to the "Sort By" criteria. This way, when we submit the search request, the items will come back in the order we want them - from highest rarity to lowest rarity.
    Finally, select the number "75" for the drop-down menu that says "Number per page." This will create less work for you.

    (Note that there are also drop-down menus that you can use instead of searching a particular item name. For example, if you are making a list for the food shop, you can leave "Item Name" blank, and select "Food" from the drop-down menu instead.)

    Once you have entered the above information, click Go! to generate your search results.

    Step #4 - Copy and Paste

    You should now have a list of morphing potions in descending rarity. Simply highlight the entire first page of items. Open Notepad. Now paste what you just copied into Notepad. The format will be all over the place but that is easy to fix later on.
    Move on to the next page, and repeat.
    Keep doing this until you have reached a rarity that you would like to stop (Let's say you only want to AB items between r95-r99. You would stop copying and pasting once you get down to the r94 items).

    Step #5 - Filter Out What Doesn't Belong

    You may notice as you are going along, you may be picking up some items you don't want. For example, because I searched for the vague term "Morphing Potion," I got a few items in my results such as "JubJub Morphing Potion (TCG)" which is a trading card. Obviously, this is not an item that would restock in the magic shop and therefore, not something I want on my list. You can either dispose of these items as you go along, or you can eliminate them at the end when you are finished.
    You can also add things along the way as well. For example, there are some profitable items that restock in the magic shop that are not morphing potions. Unless I add those items in, I will miss out on ABing them.

    Step #6 - Format Your List

    Finally, once you are done and you have all the items on your Notepad file that you wish to use, you need to do a little bit of formatting. This is where some patience will come in handy. After doing all of your copying and pasting, you should end up with a file that looks something like this:

    Looks like a mess right? Simply take a few minutes to go through your list and ensure the following format guidelines:

    1. ONE item name per line
    2. NO SPACES

    (make sure there are no spaces after or before the item name, and there are no extra lines at the bottom of the list.)
    3. Remove numbers.
    You may have copied some item prices along the way. Go through and delete these as well.

    Everything should already be capitalized properly for you. Any of these formatting issues done incorrectly may cause the program to fail to recognize the item and it will not purchase it for you. Format is important - don't lose out on profitable items simply because your list isn't formatted correctly.
    After making sure the format is accurate, save your file with the shop name or shop ID.

    Step #7 - Upload Your List
    Lastly, upload the list you used into your Stealth Buyer Pro and enjoy the profits!

    There may be other ways to create autobuyer lists - I have heard of people using Excel or similar programs to help them organize it appropriately. This is the method I have always used and while the formatting does take some patience, I've found that making your own list is the best way to guarantee that there is nothing on your list that you do not want.
    Hope you find this guide helpful Please let me know if any improvements can be made.
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