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Thread: Found something that cheered me up ;P

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    Found something that cheered me up ;P


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    My favourite bit

    I set my friend free in his new home and watched him swim around for awhile. I felt so pleased with myself for transporting this humble little fish from his old life of poverty and hardship to a new life with his very own pond and all the bread pieces he could eat.

    After making sure that my fish was comfortable and happy, I went inside to make toys and furniture for him. I glued toothpicks and popsicle sticks together to form miniature chairs and tables. My fish was going to love his new home! I was so excited for him.

    An hour or so later, I proudly carried the things I made outside to give to my fish.

    As I got closer to the pond, I could already sense that there was something wrong. There were no happy splashing sounds. I couldn't see the water over the top of hole I'd dug. I dropped the fish furniture I had made and broke into a run.

    When I reached the pond, I was horrified to discover that most of the water had been absorbed into the ground. My fish was lying on its side, flopping around in about a half-inch of mud-water.

    WHAT HAD I DONE???? I immediately got the hose and started spraying my fish with a stream of cold water.

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