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Thread: How to Create Adoptables [MS Paint Version]

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    How to Create Adoptables [MS Paint Version]

    Adoptables used to be extremely popular back in the old Neo days, though I'm not sure if they're still loved. However, they make for simple and great art for your pet, or if you plan on applying to adopt a pet! A customized adoptable of your favorite neopet is always a nice touch when browsing pet lookups~

    Yeep, okay! Here are the things you will need:
    MS Paint
    A mouse, touchpad, or tablet. Or whatever. Right, anyways...


    Umm... UMM... I think I'll draw a wocky i guess.

    STEP 2:: DRAW IT.

    wow what a fabulous piece of artwork it's literally gorgeous

    STEP 3:: SHADE IT.

    Basically, take any color and well... shade it! I'm using gray. You can have as many layers of shading as you want, but make sure each layer is a different color! You can also shade in the eyes, but I'm not, due to the style I used. Your base is complete now!

    STEP 4:: COLOR IT.

    now all you do is use the paint bucket to color in the whites and grays respectively into the color you want!

    Here's the finished product! (I added some lighter colors for "shine")
    Obviously, it's not a masterpiece, and you could probably do much better. I'm assuming that you're trying to make good adoptables.

    And then repeat for other colors! It's a tedious process, but if you don't have a nice graphics program, then this is what you're stuck with.

    (Ignore the fact that I cheated and just changed the hues of the original wocky)

    Using a program like Photoshop has a slightly different method for you to use, however. Anywho, thanks for checkin' this out

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