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Thread: Vinko's Inflation Guide

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    Vinko's Inflation Guide

    Okay, i wrote this guide about 4 years ago, but never posted it on this site, and feel like it will benefit new people here.

    Now I know there are many ways to inflate items and many different methods this is just one that has worked for me. you can do this in a group or if you have enough neopoints do it solo, which I tend to like better, because if you find a decent item the pay out is nice.

    Step One - Finding an item! It's really not that hard just search neopet item database (there is a really good site, but you have to register to get on it, I do not want to advertise so just google neoitems ) for an item to inflate, I would suggest items in between r90-r99 . I personally try to do r97-r99, but I have inflated items such as (Battle Faerie Plushie and Banana Blade Mynci Sword) which are below my standard. Just go with something you think others will like. Which brings me to another factor in choosing your item. Think of your buyer, do not go with dull looking items make sure you pick something that’s flashy and grabs the customers attention. A lot of people like battledome items, books, and petpets. Certain items like foods, coins, plushies are a little harder to sell off, but it can be done.

    Step Two - Okay Great now you have your item in mind that you want to inflate. Now lets check the Trading Post. See any on there? If not Good. If there is. How many? And are they Priced? I stick to a rule of no more than two already on the Trading Post, and yes I have gone as far as contacting the traders and buying them off. Now that brings us to that second question, if there are some on the Trading Post what are they priced at? Unpriced and way over priced works Great in your Favor.

    Step Three - Alright we made it this far, now lets check the Shop Wizard for the item. Back when I didn't have Super Shop Wizard (premium) this was probably the hard part. Just keep refreshing and try to keep track of how many their are.. This now is the big moment. Do you plan to buy out the shop wizard of all that item? If not then time to look up a new item. If there is less than 15 on the Shop Wizard I usually go for it, depending on how many neopoints I have at the time. It will cost me right around 1.5mil, but with 15 of the item I am going to inflate, hopefully my turn around is greater.

    Step Four - Almost to the fun part! Okay now if the item you are inflating is not on the trading post at all or there is one, but its not priced. You might want to sell one to a side account or get someone you trust to just put it on the trading post for an outrageous amount. I would say around 3mil or so. I say that, because everyone is gonna know your item is HTS(hard to sell) but resellers usually offer around half of trading post price. Which still gives you plenty of leeway for a nice profit. Now if there is already one on the trading post, and it’s over priced let it stay. You don't have to waste one of yours by having it sit on the Trading Post unless you want to, but remember the key to this is making your victim think its a rare item so don't flood the trading post with them.

    Step Five - Now your sitting there with 15 of these items you just bought for 99k each, and your out 1.5mil what now? Go Offer! Bid your item on Everything! that is worth Anything!
    When I first start off I bid on big items, that cost a lot(600k-3mil+). I've gotten so many nice things Honey Potions, PaintBrushes, Morphing Potions! My best hit was a Green Draik Morphing Potion. As you start getting low on the inflated item, chances are the trading post is getting full of them, because you just got all this great stuff for items other traders think is going to earn them big $$$! So lower your price range and start bidding on lower costing items(100k-500k). Still make a lot of good neopoints at this phase, and then of course when the Trading Post is loaded and they are going for like 300k a piece. Throw the ones you got left in your Shop one at a time and sell them off for 99k each. If you got any good items chances are you have made almost double your cost of inflating.

    Helpful Tips:
    Take some time find a good item.
    The SSW is a wonderful Help!
    Use a group if you don't want to risk as many neopoints.
    If in a group keep in contact, never bid on the same item.
    Never bid your inflated item on two trades of one person.
    Check out there profile if they have a lot of trophies or high cost trades, you might want to avoid just for the fact some traders report inflation, and yes TNT considers it a scam.
    Stay away from the Auction House.
    Neomail people to discuss the trade, DON'T SPAM!
    Have FuN!

    Note: Like I said this is just one method of inflation. This method has been tested time and time again, yes it works Yes you can make Millions! And Yes you do also run the risk of losing neopoints.

    Extra Info:
    The following is a quote from a Neopia Times Article about inflation.

    "Quite often in your Editorials and rules, you have said that it is against the rules for a group of people to get together and purposely inflate items to corner a market. You state that it is okay if only one person does this by themselves, but it seems that nowadays the name of the game is "get with the group and buy up all of an item." How are people being allowed to corner markets like this when it has been stated that group inflation is against the rules? ~kalis_coraven

    Neopets Response:
    If you strongly believe certain players are grouping to inflate items, please, by all means, send in a detailed report about their shenanigans. Such things are very subtle, and we rely on you honest players to give us a heads up when you think your misbehaving Neo-peers are up to no good.

    Also, to reiterate a past Editorial, yes, one person can buy up all the items they want. However, if they make them unbuyable and suddenly the price jumps from 99k to, say, 600k and start getting offered on expensive items, then it's considered scamming."
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