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Thread: Guide; Desktop Customization

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    Guide; Desktop Customization

    (Larger image;

    The following is a simple guide on how to make your desktop look like mine using various programs.

    Firstly you will need to download the following files from the following sites/links;

    Rainmeter -
    Objectdock -
    Fences -

    Once you have downloaded these files, install them. It should take around 2-5 minutes to have them all installed.
    After installation is complete, you can get themes at
    Once you've downloaded a theme, just move it into the respected programs theme(s) folder.
    You can configure the settings of the programs to your liking.
    For wallpapers I get mine personally from
    If you don't like those wallpapers you can try searching here

    Feel free to ask me for help. My knowledge isn't expansive but generally I should be able to help with whatever problem you have.

    Also feel free to copy and post this guide, just let me know and run it by me before you do.

    (This is my first guide, I hope you enjoy it)
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