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Thread: Selling Illegit Pokemon for all DS/3DS Pokemon Games

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    Selling Illegit Pokemon for all DS/3DS Pokemon Games

    I'll be using a generator, and can make them as safe as possible including your OT name and ID, the pokemon's memories, location and origin game and basically everything!

    As well as the standard any moves, IV/EV spread, shiny etc. if it's a feature in-game, I can replicate it for you!

    Feel free to PM me or message me on discord (mellow yellow#9602) to get started! My prices are definitely flexible but I was thinking either $5 per team of six or a box of 30 for $25! I'll also take neopoints or possibly UCs if your order is high enough, I'd be fussy with UCs though.

    I don't currently have access to the gen 1/2 3DS remakes but if you were interested in those I can get a copy in order to do so. I do have everything from gen 4 and up!
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