(If you don't got it, my ID is between 30000 and 39999)

I have:
700k+ FC
300+ FD
The two 5-digits are both 51###
(If you don't got it, their IDs are between 51000 and 51999)

I have some "rare" animals too, like this one:

Harlequin Pirate Parrot

Maybe I just sell the entire account (if the offer is good enough), but I prefer not bc I'm attached to some villagers there. But feel free to tempt me.

Prices: As no one is talking about prices here, I will try something. $4.99 is 500 FD (in the game). And you can trade that 500FD for 350k (the rate is at 1:700). So, changing everything to FD to make sense...

The villagers are 600 FD each.
The 700k FC is 1000 FD. (rate 1:700 and you can get any amount you want)
Everything else, consider this 1:700 rate. Take the Harlequin Pirate Parrot as example. It is 300 FD. But those prices may vary (for the animals and items).

I can't do that $1.50 = 500 FD rate, what I can do is like $4. So... considering both villagers, the 700k FC and the Parrot, the grand total is 2.5k FD, which means $10.

Payments: Well.... Paypal USD and Neopets things (if you have reputation on iTrader).

About the entire account, I don't think its a good gamble for you, as I will not take less than like $30 USD on it (or $50 neopets). Also, this last statement is not an auto-accept. It's a "I will think about it starting on those values".

I mean, I have feelings for it

My FV trophies: