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Thread: Speedhack for EZ Attack of the Slorgs Avatar/Trophy!

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    Lightbulb Speedhack for EZ Attack of the Slorgs Avatar/Trophy!

    Ben's EZ AoTS Speedhack Cheat

    Step 1:
    -Load the game. Install shockwave according to your computer (Windows XP Preferred).
    -Make sure to use Windows Safari as this game will NOT load on any other browser.

    Step 2:
    -Download Cheat Engine 6.2. (NOT 6.7) EDIT: Cheat Engine 6.4 will work too. Thanks @Star Dream
    -Install & Open.
    -Click the little computer icon in the top left corner.

    Step 3:
    -From the process link, choose WebKit2WebProcess.exe, which in this case is the game itself once you have it loaded.
    -Click Open.

    Step 4:
    -Under where it says Enable Speedhack, check the box and change the speed to 500.0 or drag the bar to the very right.
    -Click Apply.
    -Game may freeze for a second and that's to enable the SpeedHack.

    Step 5:
    -Position your shooting thing as seen above, so it will hit the frog. (Worth 25 pts each)

    Step 6:
    The frog will leap up and down every second instead of however infrequent it is in the game. So just keep firing in that direction and use your lives until you have over 1000+ points.
    -Use the code 'marrow' if you need an extra life.
    -Use the code 'chargex4' if you need to replenish the laser.
    -SLORGS WILL GO VERY FAST, but keep shooting and you'll get the points needed!

    Step 7:
    -Avatar score is 1000+.
    -Word of caution: Take time into account if you are sending obscure scores. I'd advise 7-10+ minutes for anything above 1000-2500.
    -Congrats! You got the avatar/trophy!

    Hope this helps! Please +thanks/+rep if this helped you!
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