I have /so/ much stuff on Subeta and I'm just never going to use it so I'd like to convert to games I do play.

  • I'm mainly after ChickenSmoothie, list pets, C$, rares, whatever.
    However, if you've got anything from other common well played games - I'll look at those offers too.
  • I am not interested in Neopets or GaiaOnline as I have a ton of stuff on those sites to trade off as well.
    If you're interested in trading for what I have on Neo/Gaia, you can hit me up about that too.

On Subeta I have:
  • 1,250,000,000 sP
  • 4,232 Wizard Tokens
  • 120 CSC
  • Over 15,000 wearable items on the account

I believe my account is too well known to sell, however I am perfect fine scouring my account for everything high end, and for your WL items.