Currently selling my main Maple Story account, if I manage to find the info regarding my active mule account on there, I will edit this post.

The account has:
-lv 96 I/L Mage {female}
-has zhelm
-scrolled kage and dark ritual
-lv 98/100 equips
-has hog mount
-has non expiring nx clothes
-over 5mil in mesos on the character
-has an assortment of chairs and other nontradeable items from events

-over lv 30 sin
-lv 26 sin
-also married
-under lv 10 character
-has random items/scrolls on there

Also on the account:
-about 3k in NX Cash
-mesos in storage -amount unknown-

Not totally sure what Maple Story accounts sell for, also can access Dungeon Fighter as well. There's two or three characters lv 20 or under there, but hoping maybe 100 USD as auto?