Shiny Pokemon Hunting - Masuda Method

Have you always wanted a shiny Pokemon, but thought it was a waste of time? This method is known to be one of the quickest.

This method requires pokemon created in games with different languages. This can be one pokemon from your game & one from a different country, or two from two different countries. A pokemon traded internationally, while still in an egg, will keep it's foreign marker despite saying it's from the player's country. POKEMON OBTAINED FROM NPCS THAT SAY THEY'RE FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES DON'T COUNT

Example of Pokemon from foreign country

Breeding the two pokemon will give you a heightened chance of 6/4096 in Gen VI. Also gives you fodder for Wonder Trade, so it works perfectly! Unfortunately, it will be a lot more work to get one with great IVs, so this is really more for collectors.