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Thread: Program FAQs/Common Errors

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    Program FAQs/Common Errors

    Alright, so I've seen these questions being asked A LOT even when they've already been answered, multiple times. Hopefully this thread will prevent such questions from being asked.
    These are the ones I found, in no specific order:

    Q: Will I get frozen for using/What's the freeze rate for x program?
    A: The answer to that question is located here.

    Q: Do the programs here work on Macs?
    A: The answer for most programs is no, not natively at least. You'll need to install Windows on a VM (Virtual Machine) e.g: VirtualBox & VMWare or software that will allow you to dual-boot, like Boot Camp. The only exceptions for this are programs written in Python and JAVA (.py and .jar files, respectively) since they're cross-platform languages.

    Q: Are there any guides about VMs/Boot Camp?
    Yup, here and here. If you're looking for guides on Boot camp, check certain library files to properly run. Make sure you have them installed and registered.

    Q: I'm getting a "Component 'prjChameleon.ocx'" error, what can I do?
    A: Right-click the program → Run as administrator.

    Q: I'm getting a "Not authorized" message/error?
    A: Check the program's rank requirement, it's usually in the program's thread first post. You can also read more about ranks here.
    Alternatively, you can purchase VIP and get access to ALL the programs.

    Q: I'm getting a "program is offline" message, what should I do?
    A: If you already have the library files, VB Runtime 6, exceptions added to your AV/Firewall and you're running as admin, make sure your computer's locale is set to en-US.
    (12/05/17) Update: If you're using Windows 10 add each program to Windows' Firewall exception list.

    For Joe's newer programs: (Stealth CORE, Majin V2, Account DB Suite)

    Q: Do these programs work on 32-bit Operating Systems?
    A: No, Joe's working on making them both x86 and x64 compatible though.

    Q: The program doesn't open?
    A: Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework installed. You can find it on Microsoft's page or use PM me and I'll add it.
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