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Thread: UPDATED- Debate section rules [Please read before posting]

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    UPDATED- Debate section rules [Please read before posting]

    Welcome to the Debate Zone! Please ensure you're aware of these rules before posting in this section.

    1) This section is for the discussion and debate of real-world topics, such as social and political issues. Threads that are not discussing real-world issues can be posted in the General Discussion section instead.

    2) New threads should be at least 5 sentences long. This is designed to give a thread some context and background information about a topic, so that other people, such as those who might not be aware of it/from the same country as the OP, can have a basic understanding of what is going on. Please ensure that OPs also include at least 1 link to an article about the issue/story so people can read further about it if they wish to.

    3) Replies in this section must be a minimum of 3 sentences long. This is to encourage people to not only state their view on a topic, but to provide evidence/examples that support their opinions. Copied and pasted quotes from sources do not count towards the 3 sentences; it needs to be 3+ of your own ideas.

    4) Linking sources is not mandatory for replies, but is encouraged.

    5) Posts must be respectful and civil. While there will undoubtedly be people of opposing viewpoints, any flaming or harassment will not be permitted. Sarcasm and joking also is not appropriate in this section.

    If these rules are not met, you'll first receive a PM with a verbal warning from staff. After this is a formal warning through the site's system. Beyond this will lead to infractions/being barred from this section.
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