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Thread: ~How To Make An Excel E-mail List~

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    ~How To Make An Excel E-mail List~

    Excel is an amazing tool when it comes to wanting to create a huge list of emails with the same base name and different numbers. I read a guide on a different forum last year about using Excel but her method doesn’t work anymore. This one will!

    Now many of the accounts won’t be Unregistered or linked to a Neopets account if it is UR (For example I had 1205 emails run through the checker and only 3 came up as Unregistered and linked to a Neo account) So it's a good idea to make a lot (it only takes a few seconds anyways)

    Pictures demonstrating the steps will be provided at the end of the written steps!

    The Steps (Written)

    Open up Excel and pick a neopets related name (in could be any name but neopets related works fairly well). In Column A Row 1 type in your desired word. Then click in the bottom right corner and drag as far down as you want.

    In Column B Row 1 put in the number 1. Then in Row 2 put in the formula =B1+1. Then repeat the Click and drag process *start with Row 2, not Row 1!*

    In Column C Row 1 type in ‘ The apostrophe is very important! If you don’t put it in before typing the it will say there is an error! It will disappear after you hit enter. Repeat the Click and Drag

    Finally, In Column D type in =Concatenate( *this will be at the top of the little drop down list that shows up* and click A then put a comma and click B then put another comma, and then click C and hit enter. Now you have a full email! Repeat the Click and Drag process
    Then Copy Column D in to a Notepad file. Save it. Run it through the Email Checker and good luck!

    The Steps (Images)
    ---I used but you can use any email site =)

    I hope this helped some of you out! I know it's a simple process and many people probably know how to do it. But I had no idea this was even possible before I read that guide last year xD
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