I would like to sell my gaiaonline account as I no longer play. The account was created in 2005, though the items on it originated from my first account which was only a created a couple months before this one. Rares are legit, and have been with me since 2005. Only thing is that they were recently transferred to this side account as I'm unwilling to give up my original account.

From my understanding, legit is worth more than illegit. I was given the estimate of about $2-$5 per mill for legit, so I am looking for a median of that as my account is 100% legit.

What the account has:
2m on hand
Tektek Account Worth: 35,305,373 ($882.63 at 100,000 gold per $2.50)

Screenshots of tektek and my inventory:

I'm accepting USD with PP or neopets.

My auto in neopets is a VWN UC Plushie Kougra
My auto in USD in PP is $130

Remember, these are just autos and I'm willing to go lower.

PM offers if interested.