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Thread: [G]uide: Meridell Turdle Racing Game Guide

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    [G]uide: Meridell Turdle Racing Game Guide

    Meridell Turdle Racing Game Guide

    Meridell Turdle Racing Game isn't that much popular with Neopians because people just bet it 3 times and then just leave it alone, some even don't bother to bet.
    Well now with this guide you might be the newest Millionaire on Neopets!
    or just enough to start you off to get you enough money to start AB UB's w/o riskin' the chance of chain ice/freeze or just AB at Igloo?

    Please read until the end before any questions, thank you.

    First off, this guide is kinda for newcomers, but even a millionaire can still use it imo.

    • First step, see the screen-shot below.

    for le n0Obs, find explore, meridell and turdle racing.

    After that, you'll see the home-page of the race.

    You can also view the contestants and this screen will pop-up.

    • Next, go to the betting page.

    After that, calcuate the odds ( not very helpful info imo ). Pick any turdle you want, you already have a 20% of winnning w/o the 'odd' factor.
    Don't forget to feed your turdle, feed it anythin' you want. It'll give your turdle a slim chance to be faster than others.
    And another thing is that, turdle races are different. There are races in which the most of the turdles stop just after bettin' and some are faster than others at the start but stops just before finishin' the race. I would like to THINK that it's because of the food.
    I ALWAYS go with Stinky: Turdle One. Don't know why...

    • Then, it would look something like this.

    • Place your Bet! and let it run/race/whatever...

    • Collect your winnings!!

    Repeat this process until your tired


    • Always bet to the max and don't forget to feed your Turdle,
      ( Omelette's and Jelly's are good too! )

    • Do this everyday with every account you have,

    • It's a 4.5k investment for a 13.5k profit / account!! or around that much,

    • Considered the fastest NP earning game!! or prove me wrong by showin' me a game that makes 6k in this amount of time,

    • The winning percentage is considered 66% ( or so I think, forgot how I got this gimme some time to re-think this ).


    • Open them all at once and play the game in all the browsers with different account, therefore you'll get 30k at once if you win your 1st bet with 5accounts ONLY and that will only take like 1-2min of your time if your fast enough. If you win all the bets with all the accounts, that's 90k! in less than 5min You do that math.

    • Hence, it's basically a NP generator,imo.

    Register 5 new accounts with just one mail and you can bet at least 2times.
    Get programs like email generator and account generator.

    That's a 50% chance of getting a 5k per account and if you win the first bet, you've made10k off an account that's 0hours old!!
    Or if you lose you can answer the Daily Puzzle Answer and get 400NPs and continue betting ( google for the puzzles ) and/or play other less time consuming games like Kass Basher and so on.

    Therefore, the total NP's made from this guide should be around30-40k per mail at least depending on how many mails and accounts you can sign up!!!!

    The best part is that the investment is ZERO,NADA! in terms on NP.

    I personally made my first mil off of this game alone.

    Estimated hard work time of around 30-50hrs and you might get your first Million!!

    The best about this is that I've been doing this for like MANY years and I'm still not under TNT's radar!!

    So, you have a 0% of getting iced!
    And since this is not a flash game, I don't think the TNT will ban you just for this :p

    Well? What are you waiting for??


    100% made by me.

    Thanks for reading my guide and come at me bro with your comments and suggestions!
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