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Thread: [Guide] - [Short Guide] To finding site method Unreg Emails

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    [Guide] - [Short Guide] To finding site method Unreg Emails

    [Short Guide] To finding site method Unreg Emails

    Guide to finding site method unreg emails.

    1. GOOGLE (or whatever search engine you prefer is going to become your best friend)

    2. Think about places were folks might have posted thier emails.

    2.a1. Forums - neopets or non-neopets (go through members list log down the emails)
    2.a2. Forums - neopets or non-neopets (go to your search engine enter site:whatever site here then enter a comma, type in neopets then whatever email provider your trying to find. log down those results)
    2. b. Myspace/Facebook/twitter (go through profiles and log down emails there)
    2.c Pasties List (go to a pastie site, find a list , log down the emails there)
    2.d Alumni List (google alumni list, and whatever email provider your trying to find write down those results)
    2.e Spammers/Scammers list (yes there are sites that list these google it, write down results)
    2.f Emails - (you know those annoying messages that get forwarded to you, copy all of those down)

    By now you will have a fairly large list if you do all of those, So its time to clean it up move to the next step.

    3. Now you will upload all those results through an email extractor so that way it get rid or whatever unneeded info.

    move to next step, and load your list.

    4. now run your emails through an email checker, and there you have it, you have found "site method" to unreg emails.

    There are lots of list out there have fun with it, but do know that most neopets related sites have been milled through. So think out side the box.
    I found about 15 site emails off of a pakistani college alumni list. so you can get lucky this way, but it does take alot of effort.

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