okay guys this is my first guide so if there is any suggestion tell me also if you didn't like it tell me i did this inflation once with my old account and it worked
Inflation basics
1. You have to have a lot of neopoints ,if you don't have a lot well maybe a couple of friends can join you(personally i did on my own on my old account i had 20 mil np on hand)
2.make a deal
2.1 what to buy (neggs ,codestone ,petpets ,paintbrushes) i did mine on negg and codestones
2.2 if you are group than you have to choose a dead line the ones with have to be trusted so they don't break the dead line before you if alone than its your call
3.The buying
3.1 buy a lot from the item you want to inflate like neggs for example like buy from 200 or higher i bought 1000 neggs once and leave them in your shop ( must be a big one)
3.2 you can buy them from shop wizard super shop wizard and trading post is good as you can make deals
4.Inflating well
4.1 you already bought them now dont put them in your shop wait and put them in trades for high prices dont make bulky trades only 2 or 3 in every trade and make a lot of them now wait and put some in your shop for you desired price
4.2 what will people think that its inflating and also will buy so you go and hit every body and put your price lower than them by 100np or 200np (depends on the inflation ) and thats it
Notes 1)hope you like it
2) i know my grammar sucks
3) if you dont like it tell me its my first guide
last one any suggestions tell me plz and thanks for all