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Thread: [Creativity Corner] Official Prize Shop !

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    [Creativity Corner] Official Prize Shop !


    Hello guys! The GFX team, upon noticing the lack of enthusiasm in the creativity section of the forum, decided to spice things up a bit. As a group, we thought of this idea that would hopefully stir up the interest and bring new people to get to try GFX or any other form of creativity! Can be writing, drawing, photography, poems ; honestly, whatever involves thinking about an idea and putting it into action.

    That idea came from Neopets in the first place, then from Harry Potter. The whole point of this is to create a simple prize shop that users from clraik would buy with points; points which are acquired from participating in the forum, in contests or simply for giving constructive criticism in the creativity corner. Points from contest would be fixed to a certain amount, as for other ways of getting them, us members of the GFX team would be the judges and that's where the Harry Potter kind of part comes in.

    Examples of ways you can earn points:
    Posting Tutorials
    Helping someone with GFX requests
    Posting a Portfolio/new things that you have made
    Winning a Contest
    Giving constructive criticism

    Like the teachers at Hogwarts, we will give points to users according to the quality and time put in the work, the quality of the tutorial they post, the degree of fair criticism in their post, etc. Points will be tallied up here on this very thread, at the very end of the Prize shop.

    Be careful. Spamming will not lead to extra points. If we consider your comments aren't constructive and all you are doing is post a maximum of times, no points will be awarded. Please keep in mind your comments need to be helpful and constructive if you want to be awarded points.

    Prizes range from shells to high-end UCs. That's right, very active and very participating members of the creativity forum will be given the chance, if they accumulate enough point, to buy anything they wish for. Most prizes will be Neopets related, but keep your eyes open for some shiny clraik prizes! Prizes will mostly come from generous members or the GFX team as well.

    It is important to know that prizes need to be earned. Meaning that they are to be considered as a rewarding system for users that are constantly active, that try to improve and elaborate their art.

    Without further ado, here are the prizes you may get by being active and posting your work on this part of the forum!

    The prize shop will always be updated, so check often to see if any great prizes are added!

    To purchase something from the shop, PM one of the following GFX team member!
    @Cath, @Maths, @Mint, @monsters

    250 points : AAA shell
    300 points : NP Gamble
    800 points : NC Gamble
    1000 points : 1M neopoints
    2500 : Custom NC Wishlist item up to 5 caps.
    2500 : MSPP & BGC Lends
    3000 points : 3M neopoints
    5000 points : Custom NC Wishlist item up to 10 caps.
    7500 : Low-end UC
    10000 points : Custom NC Wishlist item up to 20 caps.
    15000 points : Starter Main Account - few trophies, decent amount of avatars, painted pets, all ready to go.
    20000 points : Mid-end UC
    30000 points : 30M neopoints
    40000 points : Higher tier UC
    45000 points : Custom NC Wishlist item up to 100 caps.
    75000 points : Highest tier UC

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