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Thread: Neopets Services F.A.Q.

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    Neopets Services F.A.Q.

    This thread will contain all FAQ's the forum may come across from our members now or in the future.

    Q: Can we exchange iTrader for services we offer/receive?
    A: Yes you can exchange iTrader for services as long as the service provider is not doing them for FREE. So no, doing free services is not going to get you any iTrader! iTrader is meant to be a reputation which shows how much goods and money you have handled on the forum without any issues.

    Q: Can we offer services for free?
    A: Yes, as long as you actually mean you are doing these for free and expect nothing in return.

    Q: Is this board ONLY for people who want to offer services?
    A: This board is for people to offer and request services. Please indicate in your title if you are requesting a service.

    Please always be careful when dealing with members on this forum! Use common sense at all times and do NOT trust anyone that has recently joined with no reputation to their name!

    PM a staff member for any other questions.
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