Alright, I am not the best writer but I was bored and this is what I came up with...

Some other things that will help you out with this is the following site:

Without further ado.. here is what I came up with so far. I am trying to make it so it stays on. So help me make it naughty, but it can't be directly naughty? I dunno I think some parts will get it taken down rather fast. Let's do this! It doesn't REALLY have to make sense.

One day on the work site a conversation began, I don't exactly remember
how it began but we were all wondering what the building would look like
once it was erect. My good friend Nazi, who is usually anal decided to
speak up. She said "I don't know what you are thinking Tom, but you are
making that kinky face again. It's making my ovaries tingle and my booty
shake." Tom stared at her for a second, then back at the building.
Suddenly it became erect! Ding dong, who is usually rather quiet suddenly
stood up and started yelling "GIVE HEAD TO THE BOSS." Everyone took
a step to the side to let him through. Hard on the case, the boss strutted
forward and said "Let the celebration begin!." Intercourse had began among
the workers, you could hear mummbling all over the work site, and every now
and then you would hear "Jesus Christ!"