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Thread: Stealth CORE [Multi-Threaded Bot]

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    Stealth CORE [Multi-Threaded Bot]

    well , because i have nothing to do right i have decide to make another guide for Stealth CORE [Multi-Threaded Bot] i have permission from joe to make an updated guide . hopefully , this will help with the contest a little bit & to get people to understand the program a bit more also

    what you'll need .
    click on download & let's begin ^_^

    Stealth CORE Features:

    -) clraik Authorization (PUBLIC for a limited time)
    -) Controls to Start/Stop Program
    -) Neopets Login Manager
    #) Single Account Login with proxy support
    #) Multiple Account Login with proxy support (Edit "Accounts.txt" file in Data folder)
    #) Each unique login saves a record of the accounts cookies in the "Data" folder so next
    time you login the program does not have to enter your password unless the session expired
    #) Cookies Tab for loading single accounts at a time with proxy support
    -) CORE Scheduler to schedule tasks to be run on your account(s)
    #) Task selection (What to run on your account)
    #) Account selection
    #) Start time settings
    #) Optional stop schedule settings
    #) Optional repeat schedule every hour(s)/minute(s)/second(s)
    #) Log of all scheduled tasks waiting to be run, running, or completed
    -) Informative tooltips for all program settings and features
    -) Stealth CORE Log of all activity for every account
    #) Remove all entries for the selected username
    -) Able to automatically load a list of premade schedules so you can quickly start botting
    #) Check the "Data" folder for a premade list
    #) Start and End Time can be set to "*" to start task at the current time immediately
    #) You can add to the current time value (ie. *+2:2:2 adds 2 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds)
    -) Remove a scheduled task in the database any time you wish

    List Of All Tasks Available:

    -) Once-a-Day Dailies - does many important dailies that are available once a day
    -) Snowager - visits the Snowager for you
    -) Buried Treasure - plays Buried Treasure for you using a random spot each time
    -) Fishing - tries to go fishing with your active pet
    -) Winter Scratchcard - buys a scratchcard
    -) Spooky Scratchcard - buys a scratchcard
    -) Desert Scratchcard - buys a scratchcard
    -) Symole Hole - visits the Symole Hole and picks a random action
    -) Lottery - buys 20 lottery tickets for you
    -) Dice-A-Roo - plays the game until bored
    -) Turmaculus - visits Turmaculus to see if he is awake
    -) Spider Refresher - visits random pages on Neopets and records random events
    -) Tyranu Evavu - an auto-player that counts the deck so it chooses the smartest move
    -) Coconut Shy - plays the game automatically until you have no more plays
    -) Cellblock Auto-Player - auto-plays cellblock, can detect a number of ways to win
    -) Wheel of "all of the wheels are on it " - spins the wheel for you
    -) Stock Market - buys 1000 of a cheap stock available for you (costs 15000-17000 NP)
    -) Black Pawkeet Slots - auto-plays the slots and logs profit
    -) Brucey B Slots - auto-plays the slots and logs profit

    Step 1 : download the program
    Step 2: sign in with you're clraik user name 1st it should look a lot like this
    after you're done sign with you're user name for neopet's you can now hit close on the bottom of the app
    Step 3: log in with you're neo account here : you can find the log in setting here >>>>
    step 4 : how do i make it work after i sign in ? (that's easy) click on control then click on Core Scheduler like so
    Step 5: after clicking on Core Scheduler you should see something that say's accounts for this task it's a drop down bar . click on the user name's you want to use .
    Step 6: now you see the thing on the side that say's Scheduler manger ? click on all of them . you can set you're time's & everything that's right for you

    & that's it hopefully more people will join the contest Note: i have won trophies & over 110k neopoint's using this bad boy & with the spider i got zapped my boboochi . enjoy & good luck to those who entered in the contest

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