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Thread: Make more NP in Habitarium with auto-clicker!

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    Make more NP in Habitarium with auto-clicker!

    I made this for another forum a while ago, but noticed someone posted something on the gem exploit 5 days ago! Didn't mention anything about using an auto-clicker to get the most out of it though, so I am now posting my guide here! Enjoy!

    * This guide involves taking advantage of a glitch * Though there is no evidence of anyone being frozen for using it, the possibility is still there * If this makes you uncomfortable DON'T USE IT!! * I am not responsible for the loss of anyone's account *

    This is a little thing I do to turn that measly 100k a day from habitarium into a much more reasonable ~500K a day :3

    Keep in mind that this glitch may depend on things like your computers speed, server lag, and game lag, so results may vary and settings may need to be tweaked.

    First thing you will need is Fast Mouse Clicker

    Basically you'll be using this to pick up your purple gems for now instead of just clicking with your mouse. Wiggling the mouse over the gem will sometimes encourage extra pickups. I typically get 5 pickups out of 1 gem, which is how my 100K gets cranked up to around 500

    Now for the settings, you are always going to want to use toggle and not press, but clicks per second should be tweaked if the game is lagging too much or you're not getting good results

    For example, on my desktop 10 per second gets me the best result, while on my laptop 10 is too fast, so I have it set to 7.

    You'll want to go up and down by 1 to see how it effects the game, but it's really not too hard to set up, and it's WELL WORTH A SHOT if you use Habitarium to make your NP.

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! I know some people have a hard time getting this glitch to work for them :/ but I hope most of you are fortunate like me and others to get it working for you!!! It really is quite amazing :3
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    Here is another auto-clicker hosted here. It's also clean as I've went over its code:

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