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    Harry Potter

    Question clraik Ranks

    clraik Ranks

    - Post registration rank. No prerequisites. (You start off with 10 reputation points)!

    - 50+ Posts and one of the following:
    25+ Reputation OR
    6+ Days registered

    official clraik
    - 100+ Reputation and one of the following:
    150+ Posts OR
    30+ Days registered

    top clraik
    - 250+ Reputation and one of the following:
    500+ Posts OR
    150+ Days registered

    clraik master
    - 500+ Reputation and one of the following:
    1500+ Posts OR
    365+ Days registered

    clraik VIP (Premium)
    - Purchase HERE.

    More in-depth guide to ranks:

    *Ranks may change according to the Admins discretion.
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