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    Harry Potter

    Question Reputation FAQ


    What is reputation?
    - Reputation is like a forum currency that allows you to unlock new things around the site. The more reputation you have, the more things available to you like programs and ranks.

    How do I increase my reputation power?
    - Every 360 Days
    - Every 1000 Posts
    - Every 100 Reputation Points

    How many reputation points do I have?
    -You start with 10 points. If you want to see how many you have, click HERE.
    - If you have not received any reputation other then the complimentary 10 points, you will not be able to see your total reputation

    Why doesn't the other user get reputation when I rep them?
    -You start off with 0 reputation (neutral) until you make a total of 5 posts. After that, you gain a reputation power of 1.

    How do I get reputation?
    -By making great in depth guides, helping out others, contributing to the community, programming, etc. Please don't get reputation confused with thanks, check these two links to help you determine the difference: &

    Can I +rep for a sale/trade?
    -No, we have a iTrader system in place for you to use:

    Can I offer reputation for a service/good/virtual item?
    - No. Return the favor for these things by giving equal value. Reputation is not this kind of a valuable...

    Can I rep myself?
    -No, anyone who does this will face a ban from the site.

    What if I can't make guides, programs, etc?
    - There are many other ways to gain rep then guides and programs (:

    Can I sell things for reputation points?
    - No, anyone who does this will face a ban from the site.

    Can I exchange rep for votes?
    -No you may not

    Can I ask for rep?
    -No, you may not ask for or hint for people to give you rep

    Can I get rep for doing a giveaway?
    -No, you may not ask receive rep for doing a giveaway. Users may +rep someone doing a giveaway, but only 1 point maximum.

    If something is missing from here or is unclear, feel free to PM any staff member (:
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