Hey guys, its me again! So today I was wondering if anyone would be interested in working with me on a Virtual Pets site? We would just be making a fun and exciting little game site, and everything would just be for the fun of it. I would hope for this to become possibly a cool thing, once we got finished up with everything.

The site does not have a name, nor does it have anything set up yet. I plan to begin working on all of this stuff as soon as possible. I have many things (projects) going on right now, but this has been moved to the top priority. Therefore, we will need to talk about everything for the site (theme, ideas, etc.).

Here are some of the positions I need:

GFX Artist(s)
Lore Writer(s)
Creativity Thinker(s)

The bad thing is I cannot pay you guys for this. It would be completely voluntary, but you would not have to be on constantly. I would like for workers to be able to get at least every other day if possible, unless something pops up. It would just be a fun little site that we could run, and you get the benefit of saying you work for a VP site

If you are interested, feel free to PM me or hit me up through Skype: completeclient. I am only looking for about 1-2 people per position.