My brothers and I had a project to start up our own server, and it was coming together pretty nicely.

However, one of my brothers, the one who actually has the knowledge to publicly run it/run the site/do the important stuff outside of the game, dropped out on us. He claims he never wanted to do it in the first place, and he was forced into it. Which is not true.

However, I'm the one that pays for the domain to keep the server in existence. It's $10/mo for me. And I figured, still might as well not let that go to waste.

RO is a fun game, especially if you get into it and have your friends play it. You can roleplay on it, or just train and level up. Form guilds, PvP, explore dungeons, hunt MVP monsters, etc. It's a lot of fun.

So if you guys are interested at all, I can send you the private server winrar files, and you can play it with us. It's just my brother and I, but we'd really like to have people to play with. It's an easy game, and if you need to know anything, just ask me, or there's plenty of guides online.

Just a suggestion. I don't wanna have to have paid for this server to be ran for nothing. x.x

Just lemme know.