So I'm a bit late to the party I know but

Fall time! You know what that means... No not pumpkin spice (♥♥)
School. Ugh. I mean yay school learning, happiness, repressed dreams and days filled fighting the urge to use the nearest wall to knock yourself out. With school comes the wonderful work that teacher shovel on to the plates of all the shining stars of pupils they have.

Got a book report? Informative essay? Persuasive? Ain't nobody got time for that..
Except me. No one else. Only me.

I'm a speed reader. I've been reading beyond my age group all my life. (In the 5th grade they tested me at a roughly college reading level) I read the last Harry Potter book in roughly 7 hours. (That's a 700+ page book) Overall point being I can read a new book in generally less than 3 days no matter then length. Even better if it is a book I have already read (Which I have read plenty)

So I'm opening up a shop. Need something written up? I'm your girl!
I'm going to need a few things:
-A week at least in advance (Add 1-2 days if the book isn't online)
- All information about assignment
-Any additional information

I'm going to price by what you request but nothing will be absurd and the first few people I will discount for to build up some rep. I'd prefer cash through paypal but am open to offers.