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Thread: [Guide] Creating massive e-mail lists with Excel.

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    [Guide] Creating massive e-mail lists with Excel.

    You probs already saw that guide I wrote on another forum, but I'm still going to update it for here. It's not a method that is very used anymore, but I guess there are still some things that haven't been searched.


    You always tried to get random unregistered e-mails without success? You passed 3 hours trying to get one and you didn't even manage to find a good e-mail ? Well you clicked on the good guide. No, this is not a guide to UNREGISTERED e-mail method, as there are plenty out on that site. Use the search method if you still don't know what is 'hacking with unregistered e-mails'.

    This guide is gonna be really, really simple. I'll put pictures, indicate things, all of it is gonna allow you to have an infinite list of e-mail adress. Firstly, I REALLY encourage you to download Joe's Mass E-Mail Checker, as if you don't have it, this guide won't be useful. The program is avaible when you reach clraik rank.

    Download here.


    - A brain (it can be a tiny brain, without problems)
    - Microsoft Excel 2003 and more (maybe 2003 and less, I don't know) [Open office can also work]
    - 5 to 10 minutes.
    - A little bit of imagination!


    1.1 Open Microsoft Excel. [if you have problem with that step, leave.] [open office can also work.]

    1.2 Look at the screen and locate those important things :


    This is the white band. I call it like this, because well, it's a white band, and it's big. This is gonna be the most important thing in the process of creating your list.


    Lines A-B-C

    These are gonna be the columns you're gonna use when creating your list. You could use other lines, but the 3 first ones are alright. You're also gonna use the line D, but this will be later on.


    2.1 LINE A

    This line will be quite easy to make. You need to take a word, a simple word, mostly something related with neopets (neopets, aisha, be creative!), copy, scroll down to the wanted number (100-1000-10000, as you wish) and paste. You should now obviously have XXXX numbers of your word.

    2.2 LINE B

    This line is the big important one, numbers. This is how you're gonna create a list from to in 2 minutes. Look at the screen below. [I KNOW THIS IS NOT LINE B, BUT JUST THINK LIKE IT IS].

    The screen is really clear, in my opinion. On B1, you put the first number of your list. It can be 1, 100, 1000, as you wish. Then, click on B2. On the white line, you need to write this :


    After what you should press enter and then BAM, you see the number written on B1 + 1, which is normally 2, 101, 1001, etc.

    The next step is to copy B2 [NOT B1!], then scroll down and paste it just next to the last number you would like to get. You should now have the beginning of a list [Yourword | Numbers | Line C]

    2.3 LINE C

    Many users block here because they can't enter the in the C1 square. Usually, when trying to write it, a warning thing is gonna pop up and you won't be able to complete your list.

    BUT THERE'S A SOLUTION, obviously. What is it ? Well, open Microsoft Word, Notepad, Internet, an msn conversation, whatever you can write in. Write and copy.

    THEN, on your excel screen, click on the C1 square. IT NEEDS TO BE BOLD LIKE THE ONE IN THE SCREENIE. IT'S NEEDED. When it's bold, paste and voilŕ! Here's your Copy it then scroll down until the end of the first 2 columns.


    You're now at the end of this tutorial. Obviously, if you try to take your three columns and copy paste them, it's gonna look like this :

    neopets 1

    ugly, ugly, ugly. It wont work, right ?

    But how to make it looks like this : ?

    Pretty simple in fact.

    Take D1. As shown in the screenie, you need to write this formula in the white band :


    NO, + WON'T WORK, IT'S & AND ONLY &.

    Then, quite simple, press enter. AMAZING RIGHT, your D column will now be in one amazing word. As usual, copy D1 and paste it to the last part of every other colum and you should have a wonderful list of emails.

    Copy your list, save it, put it in the email program than press start. The program should easily take off all the valid emails and show them to you.

    VIDEO (I know, we barely can't see, but I suck making vids.)

    This conclude my little guide, happy email cracking !

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