I am learning VB.NET right now, and this is the first actual program I have made.
It's a really simple Skype Spammer that can either send a message to a certain user at a set interval, or send one message to everyone in your Contacts list.
Not really sure if anyone could get use out of it, but I thought I'd share it anyhow

Download it HERE!

- Send message to one Username.
- Send message to all Contacts.
- Interval for sending messages.

- How to use -

For sending to a single person:
- Click on the "Message One" tab.
- Where it says "Message", enter the message you want to send/spam.
- Where it says "Skype Name" put the ACTUAL Skype name of the person, NOT their Nickname.
It must be their actual Skype name that you used to add them to your contacts.
- Where it says "Interval" enter a number for how often you wish to send the message.
It is in milliseconds, so 1000 MS = 1 Second.
So if you want to send a message every 5 seconds, you would put 5000.
- Click Start to start spamming/sending.
- Click Stop when you are finished.

For sending to everyone on your contact list:
- Click on the "Message All" tab.
- Where it says "Message" enter the message you want to send to everyone.
- Click "Send to all Contacts" to send the message.

If you run into any errors, or problems feel free to shoot me a PM.