Was reading the sports news this morning, I was watching some baseball last night, don't know if any of you saw or heard about Harper getting intentionally hit after getting a solid homer last at bat. If you didn't:


Just wanted to hear what anyone else thinks.

Personally, I think it was a bitch move by Teheran, who, by the way, has hit 10 other batters so far. I realize that Harper didn't go full sprint after hitting his home run, but it's not like he showboated around the bases. The dude had a solid hit and deserved to take his run, if it was inside the park he would have paid by potentially not getting the run in, and that's a fair consequence. Point is, Harper hit it behind the fence, Teheran gave up the run fair and square and then intentionally hit him then tried to provoke him more. Teheran should have sucked it up and acted like a professional, not throw a tantrum because he threw a bad pitch last at-bat. But of course, just mho. Thoughts?