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Thread: [GFX Team] Application Guidelines - Read before applying !

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    Exclamation [GFX Team] Application Guidelines - Read before applying !

    You love making all sort of graphics and would like to join the GFX team ?
    If so, please read the following rules before applying!

    • Have a good-looking Portfolio with different type of Art to show us what you are capable of. (Signatures, Graphics/Banners, Drawings and all other kind of art will be looked at)
    • You must have been helping other members around the site by fulfilling any sort of graphic requests.
    • You must have participated in GFX competitions.
    • You must be able to offer quality critique and feedbacks on other artists' works on the forum. We will expect similar participation while on the team in regards to forum events.

    When applying, please link us to your Portfolio, along with an explanation of why you believe you deserve to be on the team.

    All applications will be looked at, but please keep in mind that a rejection is possible.
    However, you are welcome to apply multiple times after working on the current requirements.

    After reading, if you are ready to apply, please fill the following application form and try to convince us why we should get you in!

    Strong Point(s):
    What you will bring to the team:
    Time Zone:

    Note: When applying, please consider the fact that you'll have to put a lot of time and efforts to help organize contests and other sort of events. We understand most members go to school or have a job, so of course, we understand you cannot always be online, but don't forget that when joining, you need to be part of the team by participating!

    To apply, please send a copy of your application to all following GFX members
    @Cath, @monsters, @Mint and @Maths

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