So after downloading and installing FoxyProxy on my new Firefox installation, I've come to realize that the standard configuration of FoxyProxy won't work.

My employer uses a proxy script to allow any internet access, so that takes precedence in order to even connect to the proxy I have set up on my computer which is not a web-form proxy, but a true IPort proxy. (The type we use for Neo) When I just put the IPort in, I get Unable to Connect to anything whatsoever, which leads me to believe it must go through my work's proxy script first.

Essentially, I need the connection to work like this:

Computer > Work's proxy script > My home proxy > Internet

Any ideas on how to make this happen? I can get addons, but I cannot play with Internet Options as it's blocked out by an administrative policy.

If not, then I suppose I'll have to install a web-form proxy on my computer. x_x