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Thread: [Guide] Cheat Engine Tutorial

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    [Guide] Cheat Engine Tutorial

    Wrath's Cheat Engine Tutorial

    Welcome to my CheatEngine tutorial for AOBing Neopets Flash Games. This will be a comprehensive view on everything you need to know about CheatEngine and how to AOB! Was going to include pictures/video but no time.
    CheatEngine Download:
    - Always keep your CheatEngine up to date. I am pleased to announce that all of our SpeedHack issues were actually a CheatEngine 6.2 issue and they have been fixed in the latest release of CheatEngine 6.3 (Confirmed 7/6/13 on Meerca Chase II via Firefox)

    Cheat Engine Setup

    Launch Cheat Engine from your Program folder in Windows or wherever you've stored it. The first step to AOBing is selecting the correct process which is outlined below based on browser:

    How to select the process for Firefox:
    1) Open CheatEngine and select the second Flash process
    2) 0000XXXX-FlashPlayerPlugin_11_7_700_224.exe
    Note: Your FlashPlayerPlugin version may not be 11.7.700.224, just select the second process for Flash.

    How to select the process for Google Chrome:
    1) On Chrome have the neopets game in question loaded.
    2) Press Shift+Esc OR open the menu and select Tools > Task Manager
    3) On the Task Manager in the bottom-left hand corner select "stats for nerds"
    4) Locate the PID for Pepper Plugin - Shockwave Flash
    5) Open a Decimal to Hex converter. This can be done online or using the built-in calculator for Windows using Programmer Mode. Convert the PID to Hex.
    6) Write down or remember the Hex value
    7) Open CheatEngine and select the Processes button
    8) Find the entry that says: 0000(YOURHEXVALUE)-chrome.exe
    9) You are now ready to AOB on Chrome

    Now that we have the process selected, we need to change the Value Type field from "4 Bytes" to "Array of Bytes" because we are searching the game for an Array of Bytes.
    Once changed, we then copy the code from our Neopets AOB Guide to the Value field on Cheat Engine and click "First Scan." Since we are not searching for values in-game, you should never need to do "Next Scan." Always use "First Scan" and "New Scan."

    A list of addresses and values will generate on the left side of the Cheat Engine screen as the results to your search. Follow the instructions on the Neopets AOB Guide for which one(s) and how many to select. To select them, you simply double-click the address or value and they will appear down below in the white space I refer to as the Array Table.
    Now that our addresses are in the array table. You will double click the value. (You must click the line you want but have your mouse positioned on the value, because if you do not, you can accidentally change the address/type and that can have affects on the game.) We then copy and paste the new code provided in the Neopets AOB Guide and press "Ok."

    You are now ready to play your game and cheat!

    Other Useful Cheat Engine Tips

    Reverting AOB: Sometimes you may want to turn the AOB or cheat off while you're in the game. There's two ways you can do it. Re-enter the original values, or select the line in the Array Table you want to revert and press Ctrl+Z
    Speed Hack: Speedhack allows you to slow down the games effectively depending on how far you drag the slider. This can be useful in games like Snow Wars to give you more time to build walls, or Meerca Chase to not move so fast on hard mode, etc. It has been fixed for most computers in CheatEngine 6.3

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