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Thread: [GUIDE] Quick fixes for hiatal hernia pain!

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    [GUIDE] Quick fixes for hiatal hernia pain!

    I thought I would post this because it is a common ailment that myself and many, many others suffer from. If you suffer from a hiatal hernia, prepare to love me. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia two years ago, and I suffer every day with the pain and discomfort. I have not found anything that would help me, I tried meds and they did nothing, so I went in search of different rememdies. I had a whole barrage of health issues myself and my doctor could not explain. I decided to go get a second opinion since I was not getting the help I needed. He diagnosed me with the hernia, and explained what it is.

    What is a Hiatal Hernia?

    Essentially, it is a part of the stomach that pushes up past the diaphragm, and bulges above it into the esophagus. The acid from your stomach will travel into this, and cause extreme heartburn and/or nausea. This can cause much discomfort and pain in the entire stomach/chest. It also causes fatigue, GERD (gastro-esophegal reflux disease, basically imagine acid reflux on steroids), excessive LOUD belching, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest and stomach muscles, bloating even after small amounts of food, difficulty swallowing, and puts you at great risk for esophageal cancer from the acids in your esophagus. It can also lead to esophagitis, and stomach bleeding if not treated.

    Types of Hiatal Hernias

    There are two different kinds of hiatal hernias: a sliding hiatal hernia and a paraesophageal hiatal hernia. The image below illustrates the difference between the two:
    At this moment, I do not remember what kind I have, only that I hate it. The paraesophageal hernias are less common but more serious. They can cause the stomach to become "strangled" and completely cut off blood supply to it. Surgery is usually necessary for these, as it is very easy to do this, as ease as moving the wrong way, or too fast.


    Now onto the good part! I compiled these from various websites, and listed the ones more people said worked for them. Obviously, it is wise to consult your doctor before trying these, but none of them are inherently harmful.

    Apple Cider Vinegar- apple cider vinegar has been known for centuries to cure or ease many health issues. My grandfather lived to be 103 and he drank a tablespoon of it every morning since he was young. A tablespoon of this every morning, followed by a glass of water. (tatses disgusting but my god is it worth it)

    Water- yes, you read right. This is an exercise I found on almost EVERY site, and people have said it helps immensely. Drink a full glass of water, and stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms held up to your shoulders. Stand up on your toes as much as you can, and drop abruptly to your heels. Put your arms above your head and breathe in short pants for 15 seconds. The water acts like a weight and pulls the stomach back below the diaphragm. Your arms at shoulder height open the diaphragm opening. The breathing helps tighten the muscle, so it does not go back through. Do this as needed. Some people have to do this every day, others it will not reappear for a couple weeks.

    Massaging- There is also a very easy massage you can do. Lie on your back, draw your knees up with feet flat on the floor. Then take your hands, palms away from you, with your thumbs touching, dig your fingers into and upward under the ribcage, then push downward toward your feet, helping pull the hernia down.

    In Conclusion

    You do not have to live with hiatal hernia pain. There are remedies and cures that work better than medicine. I hope some of these can help you on the path to relief, they have changed my life completely. If you think you have one, or have any other questions, message me! Thanks for reading! (:

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