It's an okay site I guess. I got bored and I've been playing with fastvisits. Was just testing it out and accidentally set the threads too high, it was pretty funny what happened afterwards. One of my dA pals noticed the spike and got suspicious lol. I don't care really, but then I wondered. All I know is that they don't take kindly to people selling the pageviews for points. Does anyone know deviantart's opinion on bots/scripts (as long as they aren't being used to make points)? wat

My sis has an account she's got on there and I wouldn't want to get it banned because I'd never hear the end of it. Mine isn't really that great or well known so I could always make a new one, but, I seriously don't think they'd be able to even know where it originated from. Any ideas? Thanks.

In another note, what do you think about deviantart? I steered away from it with these confession blogs coming about. The drama is funny to watch sometimes, but it's basically the same stuff over and over so after a while it just gets boring.