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Thread: This was SO much fun!

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    This was SO much fun!

    Been to Pinkpop recently (Dutch festival) and I could post like a million videos of things that were fun or amazing (Like Kings of Leon live; OMG! I'll do a fangirl squeel over how hot is voice is, even though I don't listen to them that often) ... But one of the things that will stick out there most was a show from "The Opposites" ... Just gonna cut it down to a point where the party started breaking loose; Because at that point it totally did! - And if youtube doesn't autoskip, just go to around 43 minutes or so if you cannot handle this amount of Dutch, 47 if you want to skip straight to weird but fun! But yeah, pretty much the whole field was ordered to grab on to their neighbour and "It is very simple, just grab on to your neigbour and we can ALL massively move to the right ... And then to the left". Yep. With 44.000 men and women there. The mood they created was just way to awesome. I wanna see them again.
    Though I totally need my metal festival this week to recoup from so many batshit crazy people!

    Just wanted to share my super awesome special time with y'all guys. (Nawww!) Might share more soon ... though I'll prolly wait till the next festival has been and just bombard y'all with pics and shit.

    50 dollar question ... would you bounce around on the party with me?
    100 dollar question ...Can you catch the 1 second I've been on the screen? c:

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    Random fun fact, one of the guys moms was in the crowd. The whole crowd went crazy when they showed her and asked for an applauding.
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