Okay, so I don't get paid for another 2 days, and I'm flat broke.
I mean broke, broke, like can't even get a pack of smokes lol.

So heres my proposition,
I have $79 in my paypal, I'm verified and all that good stuff.
But I don't want to wait the few days paypal takes to put money into my bank account, since I'll be getting paid by then, and it defeats the purpose.

I'll send you $79 via PayPal.
You send me $55 via Western Union using the Money in Minutes option, either with a Credit/Debit card online, or Cash/Credit/Debit card at a store.
To send $55 using the Money In Minutes option will cost you $12.
Thats a total of $67.
79 - 67 = 12
So you'll be making $12 off the deal for helping me out.

If anyone is willing to do this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
Just shoot me a PM or as for my Skype.