Neopets Neoboards Auto Bumper
Whenever you have a board on Neo, it does get quite annoying to bump the boards sometimes. This is especially true when trying to trade your pets, items etc. This script allows you to bump whenever you want it to. When installed, it should show up under the box of "Neofriends" at the left of your screen (It shows up when you're viewing anyone's board).

Before starting the program, you must change the settings for it to work. Click on the button "settings" and change the 'Min. Wait' and 'Max. Wait' as well as the 'Message'. Your message is going to be constant and the same for every bump. When setting the Min and Max Wait, remember that you don't want to look too "robotic" and "accurate" in your bumping because people usually do it quite sporadically and at random times, so keep that in mind .

Caution When Using:
1. I've personally never been frozen for using this script but when using it, remember that other people might post on your board as well and because your bumper is on while you're not paying attention, your bumper might bump for you before you get a chance to reply them - hence they think they're being ignored etc. So I wouldn't advise you leaving the bumper unattended for too long!
2. When the program is running, it will bump every thread you have open. So make sure to only have your thread open! Make sure to stop it when you no longer want to bump. I sometimes forget to turn it off and visit people's threads, bumping their threads, so it becomes awkward for me . Careful that doesn't happen to you

Here is link to the bumper!
This script was made by hey3423