Selling for Neopoints/items or USD
An account that includes...

+ Lvl 84 (F) Enhancer/CotW with full stats and points correctly used

- Princess dress (gold item) with several others (wings, umbrella, swords) that are syntetised and gives her all the points needed
- Also has another sed, the jeans outfit, that gives an ability to cast double spells (perfect for boss, nightmare, events, parties)
- Loa with nice set of magic spells to be your fighter. Has being reborn several times already
- Elf with a nice set of healing spells to be the healer of the party on a gold boss or any high lvl runs. Has being reborn several times already.
- Unicorn with the ring to mount when you need to cross maps to get to somewhere

+ Lvl 72 (F) Mage/DD that misses some training and has points missused

If interested, send me a private message or post here, with quote or mencion.