Clue #1: 'Check the time, are you ready to start? The Easter Hunt's on, it's time to take part.'

Clue #2: 'He gets very muddled, that much is true, but if you figure it out he will reward you.'

Clue #3: 'They say a change is as good as a rest but no change at all can be quite a pest.'

Clue #4: 'To visit, you don't need a reason, it's not just for the festive season'

Clue #5: 'While the weather is nice outside why not take your little one for a ride?'

Clue #6: 'Rare treasures can be found, you only have to dig around'

Clue #7: 'If you're lucky it will double, if unlucky it's not worth the trouble.'

Clue #8: 'Using this can be magic, other times it can be tragic.'

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