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Thread: How to get started on the Stealth Core (Guide) ....

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    How to get started on the Stealth Core (Guide) ....

    This program was made about 14 hour's ago decide to download it ;; it's a great program & it's open to the public .
    This means any body who is a clraik member can download .

    here is what you will need : -

    After your done downloading the program you will see something like this when you open it ...
    Fill in your clraik info. so you can be authorized

    If done correctly this should pop up :

    this is where you will see all of your information & whats going on is stored ...

    Moving along Now - "How do i sign in with my neopets account ?"
    You wanna click on file's Then click on log in manager it's found here

    Chose your settings after your done logging in with your neopets accounts

    As you can see there are 3 different type's of setting's ....

    Fill that out : when your done . You wanna go into controls it's found right next to file's .

    after that you will see a lot of settings - What dose this stuff do ?
    welp , you no how neopet's is ran by time right ? this should help you with your time settings , so you don't have to worry about it ....

    you can aslo see your time schedules . i thought that was great .
    its the second option next to the settings

    as you can see there are some games all ready programed for you it dose every thing automatically
    what you wanna do is set your own time . then it just play's the games for you if your too lazy to do it by your self ...
    its great for a lot of things After you set the time you should hit exit go back to the main part of the program Click on controls again & hit start program .
    if done right it should look like this .

    Stealth CORE Features:

    -) clraik Authorization (PUBLIC for a limited time)
    -) Controls to Start/Stop Program
    -) Neopets Login Manager
    #) Single Account Login with proxy support
    #) Multiple Account Login with proxy support (Edit "Accounts.txt" file in Accounts folder)
    #) Each unique login saves a record of the accounts cookies in the "Accounts" folder so next
    time you login the program does not have to enter your password unless the session expired
    #) Cookies Tab for loading single accounts at a time with proxy support
    -) CORE Scheduler to schedule tasks to be run on your account(s)
    #) Task selection (What to run on your account)
    #) Account selection
    #) Start time settings
    #) Optional stop schedule settings
    #) Optional repeat schedule every hour(s)/minute(s)/second(s)
    #) Log of all scheduled tasks waiting to be run, running, or completed
    -) Informative tooltips for all program settings and features
    -) Stealth CORE Log of all activity for every account
    #) Remove all entries for the selected username
    -) Able to automatically load a list of premade schedules so you can quickly start botting
    #) Check the "Data" folder for a premade list
    #) Start and End Time can be set to "*" to start task at the current time immediately
    #) You can add to the current time value (ie. *+2:2:2 adds 2 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds)
    -) Remove a scheduled task in the database any time you wish
    -) New day support - AM schedules will not be run if it is currently PM until new day

    List Of All Tasks Available:

    -) Once-a-Day Dailies
    -) Snowager
    -) Buried Treasure
    -) Fishing
    -) Winter Scratchcard
    -) Spooky Scratchcard
    -) Desert Scratchcard
    -) Symole Hole
    -) Lottery

    List of Tasks Coming:
    -) All Wheels
    -) Auction System
    -) Main Shop Auto-Buying
    -) Money Tree Grabbing
    -) AAA Auto-Buying
    -) Igloo Auto-Buying

    This program was made by - @Infamous Joe enjoy !
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    Yay, it is a great program.
    I think I will use it everyday

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