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    Cellblock guide

    Cellblock known as Gomoku or omok (if you play maplestory you should be familiar with this). It is a 10x10 grid in cellblock whereby the main objective of this game is to form a row of 5 game pieces in a line whether Vertical ,
    horizontal or diagonal
    Although unlikely it is still possible that a draw will occur note that a draw count as a loss. (if you are playing with a purpose like me who is trying to get picture for the horizontal 5 in a row picture) . Usually when a line of 3 is form you must block one end of the line in order to prevent the loss as an open ended line of 4 will result in a win due to the possibility of placing a piece at both ends, furthermore, after playing for awhile in a game it guess harder to see where is the line of 3 so be sure to spend more time looking at the board to ensure that the next move you place will not result in you losing the game especially since some line of 3 are not that obvious like this. While playing, it is best that you play offensive most of the times as when you are playing offensive, the opponent would have to defend and hence would not have a chance to plan on an attack, furthermore after playing offensive you will notice there will be more and more options of placing a piece which is beneficial to you and will aid you in winning the game. However, do not be so focus on doing just one thing you must also take note of what the opponent is doing ( the ai is cheeky). Try making chain moves such as the 3-3 combination and its variations (2-3 ,4-3) there are also some which once placed will make two 4 lined pieces which is something like a situation you face alot when playing tic tac toe. If you are in equal position as your opponent, then it is best to use moves which attacks and defends simultaneously to pose as a threat and yet defend against a possible attack. Take your time to place your move, use logic and you will be able to win most of the times.

    The rules of the game are simple. You place your piece on the board in any valid squares which is indicated by a white tile which just means a tile without other pieces on it and in tournament 1 it is restricted to a place near your game piece. In tournament 2 and later, you can place your piece anywhere else whereby it is not occupied. and the first to make a row of 5 wins the game. In order to win the opponent you must win the majority of the time. Which means out of 9 games you must win 5 times to advance to the next level ] after you have defeated all opponents you will then advance to the next tournament.

    The easy way out. This is the easy way to win this game because it just requires you to follow this few steps to win the game of course it does not always work as it must depends on the move place by your opponent. In which it will result in a win as it is called a double 3 (although some other variation of this game ban it. Cellblock allows it)
    there are also other variation of this such as double 4.
    A video showing the easy way out.

    The rewards for playing this game are
    Tournament 1:

    Level 1: 100 NP
    Level 2: 200 NP
    Level 3: 300 NP
    Level 4: 400 NP (+ Medal)
    Level 5: 500 NP
    Level 6: 600 NP
    Level 7: 700 NP
    Level 8: 800 NP (+ Bronze Trophy)

    Tournament 2 - 10:

    Level 1: 200 NP
    Level 2: 300 NP
    Level 3: 400 NP
    Level 4: 600 NP
    Level 5: 1,000 NP
    Level 6: 1,500 NP
    Level 7: 2,000 NP
    Level 8: 3,000 NP

    Tournament 11:

    Level 1: 400 NP
    Level 2: 600 NP
    Level 3: 800 NP
    Level 4: 1,200 NP (+ Silver Trophy)
    Level 5: 2,000 NP
    Level 6: 3,000 NP
    Level 7: 4,000 NP
    Level 8: 6,000 NP (+ Gold Trophy)

    Tournament 12 and beyond:

    Level 1: 400 NP
    Level 2: 600 NP
    Level 3: 800 NP
    Level 4: 1,200 NP
    Level 5: 2,000 NP
    Level 6: 3,000 NP
    Level 7: 4,000 NP
    Level 8: 6,000 NP

    Note that the maximum you can earn a day is 5000nps.
    One other thing to note is that the master vex avatar
    is randomly given out while playing the game however it is noted that most of them who has the avatar gets it at tournament 10,11.
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