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Thread: A Customization-Help Guide, Dude. {By Toasted}

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    A Customization-Help Guide, Dude. {By Toasted}

    Toasted's Customizing Tips!

    (Will be edited more as the days go by, and I come up with new ideas/tips!)
    Please feel free to PM me suggestions/questions, and I'll even add a FAQ section!

    Hopefully you're here because you read the title and thought,

    "Hmm, I guess I could use a little extra help making my pets look spiffy..."'re just here to get some extra tips, because you're already a pro-customizer.

    Either one is fine, because dressing up my pets is one of my favorite things to do on Neo, and I love sharing tips/outfits!

    How To Begin

    So, you've got a new adorable/intimidating new pet sitting on your account, but you just don't know where to start with his/her outfit. D: Bummer.

    Let's take a look at that scary pet first, shall we?

    Say you got, oh I don't know...a male Halloween Hissi.

    Some people might use the excuse that "Hissis are too hard to customize," or "Hissis look weird in everything-- they ain't got no legs!"
    {wut is grammar lol}

    Wrong! Hissis can make a LOT of stuff look nice, despite being legless.

    JellyNeo/DTI ~ Just The Basics

    JellyNeo's Wardrobe can be found: here.
    DTI (Dress To Impress) can be found: here.

    Every pro-customizer uses these sites, and no one can really say which one everyone prefers more.
    For this guide, I'll be using JellyNeo. (My personal preference)

    Picking Your New Look

    And...voila! A cool-looking hissi to show off as your newly improved active! Pretty simple, right?

    A Feminine Touch~*

    Now, let's move on to a more cutesy/girly customization.

    Since the majority of Neopets players that actually customize their pets are the ladies, there are a LOT more feminine NC items.

    This will be much more in-depth, and I'll customize a few different pets for you to give you some ideas.

    Let's begin with a Pink Aisha!

    Aishas are by far one of the favorite species amongst customizing-fanatics; they can wear just about every item well!

    I chose pink because we just agreed that I was doing a girly-look.

    Accessorizing ~ Colors, Shapes, and Themes

    Annnnd.....BAM! One adorable Aisha, at your service!

    Let's move onto another popular pet...

    Don't Get 'Cheeky' With Me-- Another Cutesy Look {See What I Did There?}

    So, we take an average White Kacheek, throw it into a field of flowers, and pop an expensive wig on her head.

    What comes next, then?

    MOAR FLOWERS, OF COURSE! As well as a cute picket-fence to go with the field-look, and some raindrops!
    The dress is simply a corn husk dress to go with the countryside theme.
    Not to mention that super-adorbz face paint to add some blush. :3

    And there you have it, ladies and gents!

    Hopefully I was able to assist some of you who spend hours just trying to figure out where to start. ^-^;
    It can be frustrating, but it's worth it in the end to have pets that everyone is jealous of, right?

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