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Thread: Non-Neopets Guide Resource Thread.

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    Non-Neopets Guide Resource Thread.

    This is a thread where I will try to put all of the non-neopets guides

    Android Related

    [Guide]Running the Habi Bot on your Android Phone

    [Guide]Tasker Take Your Android Phone to New Heights

    Art Work, And Graphics

    [Guide]Anime For Beginners

    [Guide]Anime Tutorial

    [Guide]A Simple Rendering Tutorial

    [Guide]Beginners Vector Tutorial

    [Guide]Blending (using layer masks)

    [Guide]Converting Videos to GIF Icons

    [Guide]Creating and Animating an Avatar

    [Guide]Creating a Floral Brush

    [Guide]Flooble's Textured Brush Tutorial

    [Guide]Creating a Retro Sunburst

    [Guide]Shaped Layouts

    [Guide]Shaped Layouts Part II

    [Guide]Semi-Realism Digital Painting

    [Guide]Tristens Photoshop CS6 Tutorials


    [Guide]Ben's Guide to Getting A's

    [Guide]Helpful Mac Applications for School

    [Guide]How to tell how many days are in the month using your knuckles


    [Guide]Good Online Sites To Watch Shows and Movies

    [Guide]Torrents Guide

    [Guide]Watching Stuff Online

    Forum Related

    [Guide]How To Use Clraik Tools

    [Guide]How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Forums

    [Guide]How To Become A Succesful Trader

    [Guide]How To Ignore Annoying Members

    [Guide]How To Get Rep Points

    [Guide]Tips for Middlemen and People Requesting Middlemen


    [Guide]Essy's Guide to Hashes

    [Guide]How to Use a Hash List

    [Guide]When your hash list seems empty

    Health And Fitness

    [Guide]Guide To Eating Healthier At Starbucks

    [Guide]Guide To Sushi For Beginner Eaters

    [Guide]Heat Related Illnesses and Emergencies

    [Guide]Running Where to Start

    [Guide]Basic HTML and CSS codes

    [Guide]Changing Your OS

    [Guide]Chocolate Chip Extra Rich, How to Cookie Grab

    [Guide]Decoding AMF Packet Binary Data

    [Guide]Finding Unregistered Emails(not Excel)

    [Guide]Guide To Hallucinogenic Plants

    [Guide]Hiding Archives (rar zip 7z) Inside of Other Files on Windows

    [Guide]How to Unthethered Jailbreak Your Iphone Ipod Touch Ipad When Running 5-0-1

    [Guide]How to Play Game Boy Advanced Games On Your Computer

    [Guide]The Beginners guide to making a guide

    [Guide]The Beginners guide and tool to finding unregistered emails

    [Guide]The Great Game Of Pool

    [Guide]Using Tor With Firefox

    [Guide][VB6]Writing and Understanding the GetBetween

    Money Account Related Guides (Paypal,Western Union, Alert Pay etc)

    [Guide]Avoid Getting Scammed on Paypal

    [Guide]Basics Of Paypal

    [Guide]How To Verify Your Paypal Account

    [Guide]Western Union Online Payment Guide

    PHP Related

    [Guide]Introduction A Simple Cookie Stealer

    Proxy Related

    [Guide]Guide to Proxies for Firefox and Tor

    [Guide]Proxies and how to use them

    *If Im missing your non-neopets guide PM *I have listed all that I can find so far via search function I Know I am more than likely missing a few non-neopets related guides, so if you have them PM me ill update the list*
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    @utahclock, good job! Some of your lighter font colors are a bit hard to read. I'd suggest changing those
    Otherwise, carry on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by esperanto View Post
    @utahclock, good job! Some of your lighter font colors are a bit hard to read. I'd suggest changing those
    Otherwise, carry on!
    Lololol just realized you misspelled my name on the "Essy's Guide to Hashes"

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