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    Torrents Guide

    Hello All, I just wrote a guide on torrents and thought I would share

    A Guide to Torrent Trackers
    Do you like to download movies and music? If so then this guide is for you

    Part A: What are Torrents
    Part B: How do I download Torrents
    Part C: Torrent Trackers

    If you are like alot of people you have internet access and like to share music videos and etc, or maybe catch up on the latest tv show or play a song you havent heard in a long time.

    Welcome to the modern age and the world of torrenting this guide will explain somethings about torrents and torrenting to make your efforts more productive

    Part A
    What are torrents ?

    We are going to start this guide talking about what are torrents. Torrents first started to appear around the year 2006, torrents work by downloading small bits of files at a time. The torrent community has grown to millions of users each year. Because torrents strive to screen out dummy and corrupt files, are mostly free of adware/spyware, and achieve amazing download speeds, torrent popularity is still growing fast.
    Unlike most P2P networks, however, torrents stand out for 5 major reasons:

    Torrent networking is NOT a publish-subscribe model like Limewire,Kazaa and other services like Bearshare; instead, torrents are true Peer-to-Peer networking where the users themselves do the actual file serving.

    Torrents enforce 99% quality control by filtering out corrupted and dummy files, ensuring that downloads contain only what they claim to contain. There is still some abuse of the system, but if you use a community torrent searcher like, users will warn you when a torrent is a fake or dummy file.

    Torrents actively encourage users to share ("seed") their complete files, while simultaneously penalizing users who "leech".
    Torrents can achieve download speeds over 1.5 megabits per second.
    Torrent code is open-source, advertising-free, and adware/spyware-free. This means that no single person profits from torrent success.
    Torrent sharing goes like this: if you share files via torrents, you will be rewarded with increased download speed. However, if you choose to "leech" and not share your files upwards, you will be punished with slow Torrent download speeds. Which could mean it will take you days to download a single file, vs just a few minutes or a couple of hours.

    Download speed is controlled by torrent tracking servers, who monitor all swarm users. If you share, tracker servers will reward you by increasing your alotted swarm bandwidth (sometimes up to 1500 kilobits per second). Similarly, if you leech and limit your upload sharing, tracking servers will choke your download speeds, sometimes to as slow as 1 kilobit per second.

    Legal Concerns, Torrents are not illegal, just as guns are not illegal. It’s what’s done with the tool that CAN be illegal. If you use torrents to download copyrighted material such as songs, movies, or software programs, then your actions are illegal — not the use of torrents. However, the majority of activity in the torrent networks is for illegally downloading copyrighted content.

    Part B
    How do I download torrents?
    You are more than likely now wanting to know how do I download torrents ?
    There are several ways, Public Torrent sites, Private Torrent sites, and seedboxes.

    So now you are more than likely wanting to know what is a Public Torrent site ?
    What is a private torrent site ? What is a seedbox ?

    A public torrent site are sites that are open to the public and can be easily found by google one such famous public torrent site is the pirate bay (google it and you will get lots of links of torrents to download). Public torrent sites require no membership, no registeration to use thier torrents.

    A private torrent site is closed to the public, and usually requires that you are invited by a friend, or that you have to subscribe to thier service, private torrent sites are generally safer to use then public sites, as there are alot of false public links, while private sites tend to be free of false links. You can get virus from alot of public torrents, while private torrents there is a dramatic decrease in the activity of placing a virus instead of the actual data that the link is titled.

    Seedboxes - Are devices similar to a server where a user will upload and download torrents, they add a level of security to your torrenting as they do not download directly to your IP, instead the torrents will download to the seedbox address. Which protects you from your ISP thorttling your internet service down due to excessive downloading.

    PART C
    Torrent Trackers

    Torrent trackers are programs that allow you to download torrents, some popular ones, are bittorent, and utorrent. These work by obtaining data file transfers from the file you are requesting. They often times show how many people are seeding the file, as well as the file download speed and how long you have until your file transfer is completed.

    It is often recommended while downloading torrents to turn off DHT, which is in the download settings of most torrent trackers. Another option that is frowned upon is using
    Pex (peer exchange) It is also recommended to turn that off as well.

    I hope that you find this information to be useful and informative.


    I will list some torrent tracking sites below for you to explore and help you find your way around the torrent world.!

    Recommended Torrent Programs
    Bittorent -
    uTorrent -

    Public Tracker Sites

    The Pirate Bay -
    IsoHunt -
    BTJunkie -

    Private Tracker Sites

    Torrent Invites - - useful for getting invites to some private trackers
    Open Trackers - - useful for finding private trackers that are holding a free sign up.
    Pass the Popcorm -
    Speed.CD -
    What.CD -

    SeedBoxes - - -

    This is my guide to torrenting I hope that you find it useful for your torrenting adventures!

    DISCLAIMER - I the guide writer am not responsible for your actions should you choose to follow this guide and recieve any legal repercussions, use at your own risk and responsiblity. - Utahclock

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