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Thread: Legit Attack of the Revenge Trophy Guide

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    Legit Attack of the Revenge Trophy Guide

    Game Guide:
    Attack of the Revenge!

    Getting a trophy may be quite hard with some games but I would have to consider Attack of the Revenge one of the easiest to get. That's why I'm here to give you some tips on how to get a trophy in Attack of the Revenge LEGITIMATELY. Basically what you have to do in the game is load the cannons and prevent the enemy from boarding your ship.

    Basic Controls:

    Arrow Keys - for moving Garin (your character) around
    Space Bar - for swinging your sword, picking up cannonballs/water bucket, loading cannon (with cannonball in hand), throwing cannonball/water bucket.
    There are 2 ways to lose your lives in this game.

    How you lose lives:

    Letting an enemy board your ship by not killing him in time
    Letting your cannons get destroyed by fire (not dousing the fire in time)

    How you gain points:

    By killing the enemy with your sword
    By killing the enemy with a cannonball/water bucket (x2 Points)
    By dousing a burning unloaded cannon
    By successfully firing a loaded cannon

    How many points you get:

    2 points for killing a Blumaroo or Tuskaninny with the sword (4 points when using a cannonball/water bucket)
    3 points for killing a Bruce or Krawk with the sword (6 points when using a cannonball/water bucket)
    5 points for killing Captain Scarblade (10 points when using a cannonball/water bucket)
    10 points for killng the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy (POSG) (20 points for using a cannonball/water bucket)
    5 points for dousing a burning unloaded cannon
    12 points for firing a cannon

    Now that you know of the basics, lets get on with the gameplay.

    Picture Explained:

    1. The level you are currently on
    2. Amount of lives you have
    3. Your current score
    4. Click that button to end the game
    5. Garin (Your character)
    6. Cannonballs
    7. Water Bucket
    8. Unloaded Cannon
    9. Jacques (Cannon Igniter)
    10. Enemy Pirate
    11. Description/Caption Box
    12. Message shown when a life is lost

    Things to remember when playing:

    There is no pause button
    Turning off the sound may help
    Try keeping your cannons loaded at all times! Jacques chooses randomly the cannon he will light.
    When there are no enemies, place yourself in the center of the screen while waiting for one so you have better position.
    Loaded cannons do not carry over into the next level but cannonballs in your hand does. Use it to get a head start in the next level.
    Use the "blackpawkeet" code to get an extra life.


    Level 1 - there is nothing here but you and your sword, so just slash away the pirates to get to 25 points

    Level 2 - you now have cannonballs and a waterbucket at your disposal. you may use them on pirates for double the normal points. The cannonballs/ water bucket are picked up by using space bar. They must be under your left hand to pick it up. Kill your way to 75 points.

    Level 3 - you now have cannons at your disposal. To get points using the cannon, pick up a cannonball and while standing in front of the cannon press the space bar to load it, then wait for your partner to ignite the cannon and let it fire. Fire cannons and kill your way to 150 points.

    Level 4 - from this level onwards, the pace of the game just speeds up. Use the same tactics as in the earlier levels. I suggest to use only your sword to kill from this level onwards seeing as going back for a cannonball/water bucket takes up some time. Get 300 points to move on to the next level.

    Level 5 - the game gets faster try to keep up with the pace. Only use your sword to kill and keep the cannons loaded. Remember you have a water bucket to save your burning cannon. Get 500 points to move on to the next level.

    Level 6 - use the same strategy as mentioned in the earlier levels.The game starts to get hard from here. Get 750 points to move on to the next level.

    Level 7 - use the same strategy as before. Get 1000 points to move on to the next level.

    Level 8+ - things get hard here. use the same strategies as before and try to keep up with the pirates and loading your cannon. Get 1500 points to get to the next level.

    Getting a trophy

    Now getting the trophy isnt as hard as you think. About 1,900+ is a Top 17 score around any time of the month, an easy silver/bronze. Getting the score is quite easy with some practice. Obtaining a gold or silver trophy during resets would be a cinch for you with this strategy.

    When playing Level 9 it should look kinda like this. As you can see all my cannons have been burned down and now I am able to move left and right without having to move back and forth.

    Getting the High Score:

    1. Get to Level 9 with at least 4 lives. I recommend you have 6-5 of your lives left.
    2. Start out the level by NOT loading your cannons and letting them burn down (losing 3 lives in the process).
    3. You are now able to stay near the edge and move with only left and right since you don't need to go to the back row anymore.
    4. Just move left and right slashing the pirates as soon as they pop up. 2000 points gets you to the next level.
    5. Getting a GOLD trophy during resets would only need you to score 1799 because 1800 is the review score.

    Closing Remarks

    I hope this guide helps you get the trophy legitimately. Just keep on practicing and you will eventually be able to get the trophy like it was nothing

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    Get to Level 9 with at least 4 lives. I recommend you have 6-5 of your lives left.
    But in your screenshot you only have 1 life left at level 9.

    EDIT: Oh I get it now lol
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